In this heartfelt video, Mike Barko engages in a touching conversation with Kat and Emily, two individuals who have experienced a profound transformation in their faith journey. Kat begins by sharing her personal struggles with doubt and how it has been affecting her. She candidly admits to moments of doubting God, which left her feeling sad and burdened in her heart. However, she expresses the incredible joy she has found in her recent encounter with Jesus, a turning point that has dispelled her doubts and lifted her spirits. Mike, visibly moved by Kat's testimony, inquires about how her heart feels now. Kat responds with happiness and beauty, signifying the newfound peace and contentment she has discovered in her faith. Emily, a witness to Kat's spiritual journey, joins in with her own words of affirmation and love. She acknowledges the positive impact that Mike's teachings and guidance have had on Kat's life. Emily's presence and support have been instrumental in Kat's journey to faith. Mike then shares a powerful biblical principle, emphasizing the collaborative nature of sowing and reaping in the context of spreading the message of Christ. He acknowledges Kat's efforts in sowing the seeds of faith, while he played a role in reaping the results of her transformation. The video concludes with expressions of love and blessings from all parties involved. Kat and Emily affirm their love for Jesus, and Mike expresses his love for them as well. With their hearts filled with faith and gratitude, they grant permission to use their testimony as an inspiring example of the profound impact of faith on one's life. This video serves as a beautiful testament to the transformative power of faith, the support of a loving community, and the joy that comes from finding a deeper connection with Jesus Christ.


10/21/20171 min read