In this video by Mike Barko, we witness a heartfelt and joyous moment as he shares the Gospel of Christ with a group of young individuals, including Wyatt, Evelyn, Abby, and Hunter. Wyatt, the first to speak, expresses how this experience has impacted him. He acknowledges that Jesus gave His life for him, and he no longer needs to constantly strive to be perfect because of God's forgiveness. His assurance of salvation is grounded in his faith in Jesus. Evelyn, Abby, and Hunter also share their thoughts and experiences. Evelyn mentions that the gathering has helped her reconnect with Jesus, and she values the importance of building a relationship with God. Abby, with tears in her eyes, highlights the significance of having people around her who believe in God but might not yet have a personal relationship with Him. Mike encourages the group, emphasizing the importance of explaining their faith to others effectively. He offers to help them learn and share their beliefs with those around them. The video reflects a warm and supportive community of young believers who have come together to strengthen their faith in Jesus. It's a testament to the power of sharing the Gospel and the impact it can have on individuals' lives. The group concludes with a collective expression of gratitude to Jesus for His saving grace. This video serves as a reminder of the importance of sharing one's faith and experiences with others and the positive influence it can have on those who hear the message of Christ.


12/22/20181 min read