In this heartfelt video, we meet Jonathan, a student from James Madison University, who shares his profound experience after a conversation with Mike Barko. Jonathan begins by explaining that he was raised in a religious household with his mother attending Bible College. However, as he got older, he drifted away from his faith. Today, after talking with Mike, he has had a significant realization. He mentions that he didn't truly understand the depth of what his faith meant until now. Jonathan expresses the comfort he found in knowing that he can be forgiven through belief in Jesus. He encourages others who may be seeking evidence or assurance to find it in the feeling of relief and lightness that comes with accepting faith. Jonathan goes on to express his gratitude towards Mike for presenting faith in a different light. He highlights the importance of not just focusing on the powerful and sometimes intimidating aspects of God but also recognizing the loving and compassionate side of God. This reminder has touched Jonathan deeply and rekindled his connection with his faith. In closing, Jonathan extends his thanks and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. The video captures the essence of rediscovering one's faith and the transformative power of a simple yet profound conversation about spirituality.


1/22/20151 min read