JOHN (VID_20130327)C.S.

After telling me that he was unsure of eternal life, John explained that he needed to 'fix some things and work on some things' to get to 100% sure. Again, as usual, here is someone who is TRUSTING IN THEIR WORKS. "John, if I fully paid for a dessert for you and gave it to you as a gift, you wouldn't pay because......" 'You ALREADY PAID' "John, if you tried to pay, what would you be saying about my payment?" 'I would be saying that your payment 'did not matter'' "John, Christ's blood has ALREADY PAID FOR YOUR SINS. Unfortunately, you are still trying to pay. By you trying to pay, what are you saying about Christ's blood?" 'That it DID NOT MATTER'. John saw the truth this day, professed Christ alone, and prayed with me: "I FEEL WAY BETTER THAN I DID. HE CAME INTO MY HEART AND IT FEELS MUCH LIGHTER."


3/27/20131 min read