In this profound video, Mike Barko encounters a gentleman named Jesus, and their meeting turns into a transformative spiritual experience. Jesus describes how he overheard a prayer offered by Mike to someone else nearby, and the words touched his heart deeply. He felt a strong pull towards the message of Jesus and the salvation He offers. With a newfound conviction, Jesus declares that he is now 100% sure of his place in heaven because Jesus paid for his sins. As he reflects on this newfound faith, Jesus explains that his heart is filled with happiness, freedom, and a sense of renewal. He expresses gratitude for this change and acknowledges that he is ready for a fresh start in life. The encounter with Mike and his faith in Jesus have brought about a profound transformation in Jesus's life. At the end of the conversation, Mike expresses his love and support for Jesus, and Jesus grants permission to use this video to share the message that Jesus is the way to salvation. It's a touching moment of spiritual awakening and affirmation of faith.


7/10/20171 min read