In this heartfelt video, we meet Jesse Price and Jennifer Pettit, who share their profound encounter with Mike Barko in downtown Harrisonburg, VA. Jesse starts by introducing himself and Jennifer, explaining that they've just come out of the Rockingham County Courthouse when Mike approached them. He recounts how Mike began talking to them about Jesus and the love of God, which led to a meaningful conversation and prayer. As Jesse speaks, he describes a powerful spiritual experience. He mentions that he hasn't felt this way in a long time, expressing that he felt the Holy Spirit's presence. He vividly describes the physical sensations, such as goosebumps and tears rolling down his face, as evidence of the overwhelming joy and presence of God. Jennifer, too, was deeply moved, and tears welled up in her eyes. Jesse emphasizes that what they are experiencing is the Holy Spirit, and the overwhelming joy of God's love. He describes the moment as "the most awesomest feeling right now." As they speak, Jesse and Jennifer continue to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, expressing their gratitude to Jesus. They conclude by thanking Jesus once again. Mike Barko, who facilitated this spiritual encounter, asks for permission to use the video, which Jesse and Jennifer generously grant. This video captures a powerful moment of spiritual awakening and the profound impact of faith and connection with others on one's life.


6/18/20141 min read