JERRY VID 20130615

In this inspiring video, we witness the unexpected encounter between Mike Barko and Jerry Suffolk. Jerry shares his story of how a divine calling led him to take a walk downtown, despite his usual habits, and brought him to the moment that changed his life. Jerry explains that he ran into Mike while downtown, and it was this encounter that altered the course of his life. Mike shared the Gospel of Jesus with Jerry, using the colors of a bracelet as a visual aid, and presented him with a booklet. Jerry openly shares his past struggles with drugs, alcohol, and other challenges, emphasizing how he used to be lost but now feels saved by God's grace. Jerry describes the incredible transformation he has experienced, with a heart that feels unburdened and a profound sense of relief. He acknowledges the wonders of the Lord's timing and how this chance meeting with Mike was undoubtedly orchestrated by a higher power. This video serves as a powerful testament to the unexpected ways in which faith and the Gospel can touch and transform lives. Jerry's story is a reminder of the profound impact of divine interventions and the hope that comes with finding salvation in Christ.


6/15/20131 min read