JAMES VID 20140709

In this heartwarming video, we meet James, who shares his experience of encountering Mike Barko in downtown Harrisonburg, VA. James starts by expressing his appreciation for the morning's conversation about attending church with his fiancée, especially as they are expecting a child. He acknowledges that they've faced their fair share of challenges. He then points to Mike Barko as the catalyst for helping them find their way. Mike Barko, who stands beside James, asks him what Jesus did for him today. James reflects and shares that Jesus forgave him for his sins, emphasizing the power of forgiveness and grace. He speaks of the burden of sin being lifted, and his heartfelt gratitude is evident. When asked how it makes his heart feel, James responds with "My heart feels great," conveying a sense of relief and newfound peace. In closing, Mike Barko asks James for permission to use the video, which James graciously grants. The video captures a moment of spiritual connection and transformation, highlighting the positive impact of faith and community support on an individual's life.


7/9/20141 min read