In this heartfelt video, a touching conversation unfolds as two friends, Kayla and Inga, sit down with a caring individual named Mike to discuss faith, salvation, and their relationship with God. As they engage in a thought-provoking dialogue, Mike skillfully guides them to understand the profound message of Christianity. Throughout the conversation, they explore key questions and topics, such as the nature of sin, the significance of the cross, and the importance of trust in God. Mike uses simple yet powerful illustrations, such as the muddy mirror and the clean mirror, to explain profound spiritual concepts. This video serves as a reminder of the incredible love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the way it transforms our lives. Watch as Kayla and Inga's perspective on faith evolves, and they come to a profound realization about their need for God's grace and the true source of their salvation. Join us in this inspiring journey of faith, and may it touch your heart as deeply as it did for Kayla and Inga.


4/26/20231 min read