In this heartfelt video by Mike Barko, we are introduced to Donna, who shares her transformative experience after meeting with Mark and Mike. Donna's words convey a profound change in her perspective and beliefs. Donna begins by expressing her amazement and gratitude for the encounter with Mark and Mike. She highlights how they helped her see things in a new light, offering a perspective she hadn't considered before. They guided her to understand that perfection, as she had been striving for in her own eyes, was not the path to salvation. Instead, Donna acknowledges that acceptance by God is the true source of perfection. Donna reflects on her past actions, realizing that she had been attempting to earn her way to heaven through her deeds, only to discover that this wasn't the path to salvation. She eloquently conveys her newfound understanding that God's acceptance and grace are what truly matter on the journey to salvation. With deep emotion in her voice and gratitude in her heart, Donna expresses the warmth and peace she feels. She acknowledges the profound impact of this encounter, describing it as an amazing experience that has touched her heart deeply and even brought her to tears. As Donna concludes her message, she emphatically thanks Mark and Mike for the role they played in her spiritual awakening, describing them as "amazing." She attributes the newfound warmth and peace in her heart to this encounter. In a final moment of reflection, Donna boldly states that God has saved her, not only from herself but from the path that would lead to hell. She has found a new direction, guided by her faith in God and His acceptance. Mike then closes the video with a prayer, thanking the Lord for Donna's newfound faith and asking for His continued guidance and love in her life. Donna's story serves as a beautiful testament to the transformative power of faith and the profound impact of genuine encounters with those who share the message of God's grace and acceptance.


7/24/20211 min read