In this heartfelt and introspective video by Mike Barko, we are introduced to Ben, a 21-year-old student at James Madison University, sharing his personal journey of faith and self-discovery. Ben begins by introducing himself, sharing that he has lived in Fishersville, Virginia, all his life. He then delves into the profound struggles he has been facing in his faith journey. Ben opens up about the immense pressure he had placed on himself, feeling that he needed to accomplish certain things to earn salvation. This internal struggle had become a distraction, causing him to lose sight of the essence of faith, which is belief and trust in God. As Ben continues to speak, it becomes evident that this conversation with Mike Barko has had a transformative impact on his perspective. He highlights the importance of belief and trust in God, emphasizing that salvation is not about what he must do to earn it but about recognizing God's love and grace. Ben expresses deep gratitude for this reminder and realization, acknowledging the significance of God's sacrifice for our sins. When asked how this revelation makes his heart feel, Ben describes a profound sense of relief and liberation. He characterizes it as a "burn lifted," signifying the weight that has been removed from his heart, leaving him feeling free and light. Ben concludes his message by sharing a heartfelt message of encouragement for anyone who might be facing similar struggles with their faith. He emphasizes the importance of remembering what Jesus has done and encourages daily gratitude and joy for God's teachings. Ben's message reflects a deep understanding of the transformative power of faith and the importance of living a life guided by God's love and teachings. The video concludes with Ben's unwavering affirmation that his faith and trust in God are his sure path to heaven. His message is one of hope, encouragement, and gratitude, reminding viewers of the liberating and transformative power of faith in God's love and grace.


12/11/20211 min read