In this heartfelt video by Mike Barko, we witness a touching and transformative moment as he interacts with Gonzalo and Astrid, who shared their thoughts and feelings after a profound conversation about faith and salvation. Gonzalo expresses his gratitude to Mike for helping him understand his faith better. He mentions the unique energy and presence of God he feels when connecting with people who share the same beliefs. Gonzalo appreciates the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of his faith and acknowledges that his trust has shifted from himself to God. He now feels assured of his salvation and credits it all to God. Astrid, Gonzalo's fiancée, joins the conversation and shares her excitement about the moment. She emphasizes the importance of not giving up on praying for loved ones because God loves them too and desires them to be part of His family. Her heartfelt testimony serves as an encouragement to viewers not to lose hope in their prayers for the people they care about. Mike Barko reflects on the serendipitous nature of their meeting, describing how he had a sense that he would meet Astrid, but he didn't expect Gonzalo to be with her. He thanks God for orchestrating their encounter. The video ends with expressions of love and gratitude, with Astrid and Gonzalo affirming their newfound faith and love for Jesus. Mike Barko concludes by seeking permission to use the video, which is granted with enthusiasm. Overall, this video captures a beautiful and inspiring moment of faith and transformation, highlighting the power of prayer, the love of God, and the importance of sharing one's faith with others. It is a testament to the impact of faith discussions and the joy that comes with welcoming new believers into the family of God.


3/17/20211 min read