GAVIN 10.25.2016

In this heartwarming video, we meet Gavin, who had a life-changing encounter with Mike Barko at James Madison University. Gavin shares his incredible journey to discovering Jesus. Gavin explains that a series of unexpected events led him to cross paths with a pastor in a parking lot. He generously offered his assistance to help set up for church, and this seemingly coincidental encounter eventually led him to where he is today. Gavin's newfound faith in Jesus has clearly had a profound impact on his life. He expresses that it makes his heart feel good and cool, highlighting the peace and contentment he has found in his newfound belief. Andrew, who is alongside Gavin, appears to be in agreement with Gavin's sentiments. Their shared experience is a powerful testament to the transformative nature of faith and the unexpected ways in which people can find their spiritual path. In conclusion, Gavin's story serves as a beautiful reminder that faith can be discovered in the most unexpected and serendipitous moments. His journey to finding Jesus is a testament to the incredible power of divine providence and the life-altering impact it can have on an individual.


10/25/20161 min read