In this video, we meet Frenchy, who had a transformative encounter with Mike Barko. Frenchy shares his experience and the impact it had on his faith. Frenchy expresses how Mike's message has resurrected his faith and self-belief. He emphasizes that through the blood of Christ, he has found a new sense of purpose and assurance in his faith journey. When asked about the condition of his heart after this encounter, Frenchy describes it as feeling light and full, indicating a profound sense of spiritual fulfillment. Frenchy's newfound faith is evident as he confidently states that he is 100% sure of his salvation, attributing it to the blood of Christ. His testimony showcases the power of such conversations in strengthening one's faith and providing clarity about the path to salvation. The video also features another individual who attests to the importance of continually hearing the message of salvation through the blood of Christ, emphasizing its sufficiency and the freedom it brings from trying to earn salvation through works. This video captures the essence of faith, redemption, and the significance of the message of Christ's sacrifice in the lives of those who believe.


4/20/20131 min read