EVA (VID_20130326)J.M.U.

Eva was a senior, and had seen me out at JMU for the last three years. Overhearing what I was doing, she was not interested. Well, on Tuesday she was READY! She came over and listening as I finished sharing with another student. Eva told me that she FELT SO MUCH LOVE as I was sharing that SHE WANTED TO STAY! PRAISE THE LORD!! Initially, Eva told me that she was 100% sure of eternal life because she "HAD OVERCOME NEGATIVITY AND WAS DOING BETTER." In God's courtroom, Eva thought God could ACQUIT HER because she had "RECOGNIZED HER MISTAKES." I explained, "That is good Eva, but that does not PAY FOR YOUR CRIMES." Eva saw the SUFFICIENCY of CHRIST'S BLOOD PAYMENT this day. After professing Christ alone and praying, Eva said:"HE SAVED ME. MY HEART FEELS LIGHTER."


3/26/20131 min read