EMILY 2012 06 20C S

Emily was 98% sure of eternal life because she 'had asked for forgiveness.' She said the basis for God's forgiveness was the death of Christ. So, I asked her why she was only 98% sure of eternal life. She said that she was 'still pretty sure that she was going to mess up sometimes in the future.' I asked her what paid for her past sins: death of Christ. I asked her what paid for her present sins: death of Christ. I asked her what paid for her future sins: death of Christ. If the blood did not pay for our future sins, we would all have no hope. The only thing that pays for our sins, past, present and future is the precious blood of Christ. Does this mean we are just going to sin because Jesus blood paid for our future sins? God forbid. Remember, the reason we sin is because we have a wicked heart. How do I get a new heart? Faith alone in the blood. It is interesting that if I don't trust Christ with my future sins, then I live in fear. If I am living in fear, then my heart has not been purified by faith. If my heart has not been purified by faith, then there is NO WAY THAT I CAN STOP SINNING BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE A PURE HEART. Faith in Christ's blood to cover my past, present, and future sins ensures that my heart is purified by faith, and with that pure heart, my life will be holy. It is the only way. Put your complete faith in the precious blood of Christ for your past, present and future!


6/20/20121 min read