In this heartwarming video, we meet Ellie, who had a life-changing encounter with Mike Barko at James Madison University. Ellie explains how a simple blue umbrella caught her attention and led her in a new direction, both literally and spiritually. Through her conversation with Mike, Ellie had a profound realization: she should be 100% confident that Jesus has granted her eternal life. With unwavering assurance, she declares her newfound confidence in her faith and salvation. The transformation in her heart and mind is evident as she expresses her joy and gratitude for this revelation. Before hearing this message, Ellie admits to being unsure about her faith. However, this encounter has filled her heart with a newfound sense of peace and confidence. Ellie acknowledges that her newfound confidence in her faith is all because of Jesus Christ and what He did for humanity by dying on the cross for our sins. Her declaration serves as a beautiful reminder of the life-changing power of the gospel and the impact it can have on individuals. In conclusion, Ellie's experience is a testament to the profound influence that sharing the gospel can have, even in unexpected moments and places like a university campus. Her newfound confidence in her faith is a cause for celebration and serves as an inspiration to others on their spiritual journeys.


10/25/20161 min read