In this video captured by Mike Barko, we witness a touching and transformative encounter with a man named Torrance. Mike narrates the circumstances, explaining that he was driving by a particular location when Torrance approached him, offering a bracelet. What transpired next was a profound conversation that deeply impacted Torrance. Torrance shares his experience with great enthusiasm and gratitude. He recounts how Mike opened his eyes to the true nature of Christ and what it means to put faith in Him. He mentions that he had been placing trust in himself but learned the importance of surrendering and trusting in God. The encounter was an eye-opener for Torrance, and he expresses admiration for the work Mike is doing in spreading this message. Mike goes on to ask Torrance about his feelings, and Torrance responds with "great" and a sense of relief, as if a pressure valve has been released. This interaction has provided him with newfound clarity and peace. Mike guides Torrance through a reflection on who he was trusting when they first met, and Torrance admits that he was relying on himself. This prompts a discussion about salvation and faith. Torrance initially believed that his righteous living could secure his place in heaven but came to understand his imperfection and the need to trust in Christ, who has already been judged guilty on his behalf. The video captures the moment when Torrance places his trust entirely in Christ, which he acknowledges as having happened just a few minutes ago. He expresses 100% certainty about his salvation and newfound eternal life. The video ends with Mike expressing love for Torrance and the assurance that God loves him too. Torrance offers his gratitude to Mike for opening his eyes and allows Mike to bless him. Mike concludes by asking Torrance for permission to use the video, which Torrance grants. This video beautifully illustrates the power of a chance encounter and a simple conversation in bringing about a profound shift in one's perspective and faith. It highlights the importance of sharing the message of God's love and salvation with others and serves as a reminder that it's never too late to place trust in Christ.


10/12/20201 min read