In this inspiring video captured by Mike Barko in downtown Harrisonburg, we witness a transformative moment in Sean's life as he encounters the Gospel message of Christ. Sean introduces himself and begins by stating that he had many questions and uncertainties before learning what he did today. He shares how the message he received was incredibly reassuring to him. The central message emphasizes the importance of believing in God and Christ, highlighting their long-awaited presence in our lives. Sean acknowledges the universality of sin among all people but underscores the preparedness of God to receive and forgive us. The message, delivered by Mike Barko, encourages belief and trust in God and Christ, ultimately emphasizing gratitude for their presence in our lives. Sean expresses his understanding of these concepts and the reassurance he has gained from this encounter. When asked about the impact of this encounter on his heart, Sean uses words like "all right," "happy," "full," "bright," and "warm" to describe the profound emotions he is experiencing. The video concludes with Sean expressing his gratitude and appreciation to Mike for sharing this powerful message with him. He ends by giving his permission to use the video. This video serves as a testament to the transformative power of the Gospel message, demonstrating how a simple conversation can bring reassurance, clarity, and renewed faith in God and Christ.


12/21/20191 min read