In this heartwarming video, we meet Donnie, Pablo, and Angela, who have just experienced a powerful encounter with Mike Barko while discussing their faith. Donnie starts by excitedly sharing that he just got saved. With the innocence of a child, he expresses his newfound faith and joy. His sincerity and simplicity in explaining his experience are truly remarkable. Pablo follows Donnie's lead, sharing his feelings of joy and explaining how this newfound faith makes his heart feel. He mentions that Jesus is now in his heart, emphasizing the personal connection he's made with his faith. Angela joins the conversation, expressing that they've been talking about this with her son, who has been involved with the church. She appreciates the moment of realization and the clarity it has brought to their faith journey. Mike Barko commends their understanding and willingness to share Christ with others. The video captures a beautiful moment of spiritual awakening and highlights the profound impact faith can have on individuals of all ages. In closing, Donnie, Pablo, and Angela affirm their newfound faith and love for God. The video serves as a reminder of the simplicity and purity of faith, as seen through the eyes of these individuals who have embraced it wholeheartedly.


8/8/20141 min read