In this touching video, we meet Debra, who shares her experience with Mike Barko in downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia. Debra opens up about her initial doubts regarding attending church and how her encounter with Mike and the bracelet he explained to her has transformed her perspective. Debra expresses how meeting Mike and discussing the bracelet clarified many things for her. She views his presence at that moment as a divine appointment, providing her with both clarity and confirmation. This encounter has had a profound impact on her faith journey, and she's now filled with newfound hope. Debra candidly acknowledges the sins she has committed in her life, which once made her uncertain about receiving eternal life. However, she joyfully declares that she is now certain of her place in heaven because of her belief in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for her sins. Mike and Debra's conversation beautifully illustrates the transformative power of faith and the reassurance that comes with accepting Jesus Christ as one's Savior. Debra's newfound confidence in her eternal destiny serves as a testament to the grace and forgiveness offered through Christ's sacrifice. In conclusion, Debra extends her gratitude to Mike for his role in her spiritual journey, and she expresses her love for Jesus. This video reminds us of the profound impact that sharing the gospel can have on individuals, leading them to a place of renewed faith and assurance in their salvation.


10/25/20161 min read