David VID 20131212J M U

In this video, Mike Barko is seen sharing the Gospel of Jesus with David at James Madison University. David shares that this encounter with Mike has been a significant turning point for him. He reflects on how he's previously encountered people on campus with angry and hateful messages but today experienced a message that uplifted him and helped him understand what he needs to do to attain eternal life from God. David expresses that he has accepted Jesus into his heart, and as a result, he feels that his sins have been erased. He describes the profound impact this experience has had on his heart, making him feel better than ever before and instilling in him a sense of purpose and the belief that he can strive for something greater than himself. Mike and David discuss the shift from relying on one's own efforts to trusting in God. David acknowledges this change in perspective and expresses gratitude for the encounter. The video ends with David's newfound understanding and assurance of eternal life, along with the exchange of Christmas wishes.


12/19/20131 min read