DAVEY STACEY 2012 09 22G H F

Davey was 85% sure of eternal life and did not know how to get to 100%. Stacey was 87% sure and thought that by 'not cursing so much' she could get to 100% sure. Davey thought he could pay for his sins by 'confessing' that he did them. Stacey thought she could pay for her sins by 'not doing them again' and 'asking for forgiveness'. They understood that by them trying to pay for their sins, they were saying that Jesus' blood was 'not good enough'. After hearing the gospel, both professed to be 100% sure of eternal life because Jesus' blood paid for their sins and the resurrection receipt told them 'paid in full'. After prayer, Davey said that Jesus 'gave him eternal life'.


9/22/20121 min read