In this video, Mike Barko is sharing the Gospel of Jesus with Danny and Joy. Danny initially expressed uncertainty about his eternal destiny, rating himself at 10% sure of going to heaven. Joy, on the other hand, was already 100% sure of her salvation. Mike engages Danny and Joy in a conversation about their beliefs and challenges them to consider their understanding of eternal life. He uses a simple and relatable approach, involving colors to represent different aspects of the message: 1. **Gold**: Represents heaven. 2. **Green**: Represents growth in faith. 3. **Red**: Represents Christ's blood shed on the cross. 4. **White**: Represents the resurrection of Jesus. Mike explains that Christ's blood on the cross has already paid for their sins, and all they need to do is be satisfied with this payment. Danny is encouraged to understand that repentance alone won't pay for his sins; he needs to accept Christ's sacrifice as payment. Joy affirms her faith and understanding, further emphasizing the importance of being satisfied with Jesus's payment. Mike guides them through a prayer of repentance and acceptance of Jesus as their Savior. Both Danny and Joy express their newfound assurance of salvation, and their hearts feel lighter and more relieved. Mike shares a Bible verse that highlights the assurance of eternal life for believers, emphasizing that Jesus's promises are true. He encourages Danny to attend church, pray, read the Bible, and witness to others to grow in his faith. The video concludes with Danny's assurance of salvation and his readiness to welcome Jesus when He returns. This video beautifully illustrates how a simple, heartfelt conversation can lead individuals to a deeper understanding of their faith and the assurance of eternal life in Christ.


10/23/20131 min read