DANIELLILLY (2013-03-16)M.F.

Daniel and Lilly were 'somewhere in the eighties' percent sure they were going to Heaven. They believed that if they 'were less selfless and gave more to the community' they could get to 100% sure. In God's courtroom as convicted murderers, they believed they could pay by 'giving Him their heart and soul'. Yes, God wants their heart and soul, but THAT DOES NOT PAY. After using the dessert illustration, both saw that by THEM TRYING TO PAY they were actually REJECTING AND NOT APPRECIATING Christ's blood payment. Daniel and Lilly TRANSFERED THEIR TRUST this day from THEIR PAYMENT to CHRIST'S PAYMENT. Both professed 100% assurance of salvation because of Christ alone. After prayer, they said, "HE FREED OUR HEARTS AND SOUL. WE FEEL LIBERATED AND A LOT LESS ANXIOUS AND WORRIED."


3/16/20131 min read