In this video, Mike Barko engages in a deep conversation with Chase, Lane, and Lantz at the Farm Show in Raleigh, North Carolina. Together, they explore the assurance of salvation and the path to eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. Mike starts by asking the trio about their confidence in reaching heaven on a scale of zero to 100. The young men express their desire to be 100% certain but acknowledge some uncertainty. Mike offers to share the message of salvation through the colors, using a well-known method to illustrate God's plan for eternal life. He introduces the concept of gold, representing heaven, and quotes 1 John 5:13, emphasizing that God wants them to know they have eternal life. To convey the message, he uses colors like dark, which symbolizes sin, and discusses common sins like lying, lusting, and hatred, emphasizing that these sins occur in the heart, just as actual acts do. Mike guides the conversation towards understanding that everyone has sinned and deserves hell. He highlights the significance of the blood of Jesus as the payment for sin and the importance of accepting that payment rather than trying to pay with one's own efforts. The video captures the moment of realization when Chase, Lane, and Lantz begin to grasp the depth of God's love and forgiveness. They come to understand that faith in Jesus and His atoning sacrifice is the only way to be assured of eternal life. As they agree to trust in Jesus alone for salvation, they learn about the resurrection and the assurance it brings. Mike encourages them to trust in Jesus and to let Him into their hearts, acknowledging Him as their Savior. The young men confidently express their faith and gratitude for God's grace. The video concludes with a reminder of the importance of growth in faith, offering reading material and emphasizing the need for devotion. Mike's love and care for the young men shine through as he assures them of their newfound faith and encourages their spiritual growth. This video serves as a testament to the power of sharing the gospel and guiding individuals toward a deeper understanding of God's love, forgiveness, and eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.


2/11/20171 min read