In this heartwarming video, Carl and Janet share their powerful testimony of how the Gospel of Jesus transformed their lives through the guidance and kindness of Mike Barko. Carl begins by introducing himself and explains that he had shared the Gospel with his mother for many years. Despite his efforts, it was Mike Barko who eventually had the honor of leading her to accept Jesus as her Savior, even in an unexpected place like Walmart. Sadly, Carl's mother passed away, but her newfound faith in Christ brought comfort and joy to her final days. During the funeral preparations, Carl discovered a card among his mother's papers, confirming her acceptance of Jesus as her Savior, with Mike Barko's name on it. This discovery was a powerful testament to the impact of Mike's ministry and prayer in their lives. Janet, Carl's wife, shares her love for the Lord and echoes Carl's gratitude for Mike's role in their spiritual journey. The video beautifully demonstrates the power of prayer and the faithfulness of God. It serves as a reminder that God answers prayers in His own way and timing, often using individuals like Mike Barko to lead others to Christ. The testimonies of Carl and Janet emphasize the importance of sharing the Gospel and being faithful to God's call. Their gratitude and love for the Lord shine through, offering a message of hope and encouragement to all who watch.


10/5/20131 min read