In this heartening video, Mike Barko shares the Gospel of Jesus with two individuals, Arias and Jonathan, in Uganda. Arias and Jonathan express their gratitude and happiness for the message they've received. Arias thanks God for the life he's been given and prays for the Lord to continue blessing him and guiding his path. He acknowledges that his life is about to change because of the good news he has received from Mr. Mike Barko. Jonathan, with a smile, also shares his appreciation for the Gospel message. He acknowledges the positive impact it will have on his life and expresses his love for Mike Barko. Both Arias and Jonathan emphasize that God is love, highlighting the profound message of Christ's love and salvation. This video showcases the transformative power of the Gospel and the joy it brings to those who receive it. It's a beautiful reminder of the universal reach of the Gospel and how it touches hearts and changes lives, regardless of geographic location.


8/6/20131 min read