In this video, we see Brooke Manning, a student at James Madison University, engaging with Mike Barko as he shares the Gospel of Jesus. Brooke expresses her uncertainty about her beliefs and how she believes, highlighting her openness to different perspectives and spiritual journeys. Despite her uncertainty, she conveys her deep appreciation for the message of love and acceptance that Mike is spreading. She acknowledges that Mike's message has left an impact on her and the community. Mike reaffirms the core message of acknowledging that someone died for our sins to attain eternal life, to which Brooke responds with "Amen." Although uncertain about her beliefs, she seems receptive to the idea. The video captures Brooke's openness to spiritual exploration and her gratitude for Mike's message, emphasizing the importance of love and acceptance in spreading the Gospel. It serves as a reminder of the significance of sharing messages of faith and love, even with those who may not yet have a firm grasp on their beliefs. This interaction showcases the power of sharing the Gospel with compassion and understanding, even when individuals are still searching for their own spiritual path.


12/3/20181 min read