In this video, Anthony, a student at James Madison University, shares his experience after encountering Mike Barko and his message about the Gospel of Jesus. Anthony begins by describing his initial uncertainty when he first arrived, not knowing what to expect. However, as he listened to Mike's message, his confidence in his faith and eternal life grew significantly. Before this encounter, Anthony had a 95% belief that he would go to heaven, but after hearing Mike's message, he became certain that God had paid for his sins, and he now has a 100% assurance of going to heaven and receiving eternal life. Anthony describes how this newfound understanding and assurance have brought relief and a sense of ease to his heart. He mentions that he now believes Jesus is sitting on the throne of his heart, guiding his life towards eternal salvation. He concludes his testimony by expressing his appreciation for Mike's message and the impact it has had on him. Anthony's story emphasizes the transformative power of faith and the importance of sharing the Gospel message with others. In response to Mike's question, Anthony reaffirms his belief that God is love, and he knows he is loved. This heartfelt testimony showcases the positive influence that sharing the message of Jesus can have on individuals seeking spiritual clarity and assurance.


11/7/20131 min read