In this video featuring Mike Barko, we witness a powerful moment as he preaches the Gospel of Christ to Angel. Angel begins by sharing his experience of encountering Mike while on his way to court. He expresses how the encounter with Mike was a divine appointment where he received answers he had been seeking throughout his life. Angel had previously been struggling with feelings of anger and frustration, particularly regarding people who talked about the Lord. However, through Mike's message, Angel found clarity and was able to let go and let God work in his life. Angel acknowledges that Christ saved him and forgave him during this encounter. Mike's sharing of the Gospel and Angel's acceptance of it have not only turned his life around but also changed his perspective on how to help others without getting in the way of God's work. The video captures Angel's transformation and newfound understanding of faith and God's grace. It is a powerful testimony to the impact of sharing the Gospel and how it can lead to life-changing moments for individuals. This video serves as a reminder of the importance of sharing one's faith and the potential it holds for touching and transforming the lives of others, just as it did for Angel.


12/22/20181 min read