ALLISON 2012 11 06 JMU

In this video, Mike Barko shares a heartfelt conversation with Allison, a James Madison University student who had been struggling with her faith. Allison expresses her recent doubts and uncertainties regarding her faith and the direction of her life. She shares how Mike approached her on her way to dinner and began discussing the gospel with her. Allison explains that this unexpected encounter with Mike helped reaffirm her faith and provide much-needed reassurance. She considers it a sign that she is on the right path and that God desires her to be a part of His kingdom. She expresses her strong belief in signs and interprets this meeting as confirmation of her faith and her place in God's plan. Mike then poses the most crucial question, asking if Allison would be 100% sure of going to heaven if she died at that moment. Allison confidently responds with a resounding "yes." She attributes her assurance to her belief that Christ's blood paid for her sins, and His resurrection signified God's acceptance of that payment. She describes feeling fantastic after this realization. The video concludes with Allison expressing her gratitude and leaving a message of hope and encouragement for others. She thanks Mike for his interaction and expresses her desire to see others sharing in the same faith. Overall, this video captures a powerful moment of faith reaffirmation and spiritual connection, emphasizing the significance of personal encounters and discussions in strengthening one's faith journey.


11/6/20121 min read