In this heartfelt video by Mike Barko, we witness a powerful and transformative moment as he engages in a conversation with John Blackburn in downtown Harrisonburg, VA. John shares his thoughts and feelings after an encounter with Mike, which took place after a court appearance, where he had a lot on his mind. John explains that he was open to hearing what Mike had to say because he sensed that Mike might have something important to share. He expresses gratitude for the opportunity to connect with Mike, acknowledging that no one had ever explained things to him as Mike did. Mike's message had a profound impact on John. He emphasizes that, through their conversation, he now has the assurance of going to heaven and is no longer uncertain about his destiny. John expresses deep gratitude to Mike and God for this transformative experience. Mike proceeds to ask John what God did for him today, and John's response is simple yet powerful: "He saved me." John elaborates, explaining that he feels like he has a new soul, free from the weight of negativity that had burdened him for a long time. He describes the sensation of feeling like a whole new person and the ability to smile genuinely once again. John's newfound faith has granted him the assurance of eternal life, and he declares with confidence that he is 100% certain he will go to heaven. The video ends with Mike expressing his love for John, reminding him that God loves him too, and seeking permission to use the video, which John grants. This video captures a beautiful moment of faith and transformation, illustrating how a chance encounter and a heartfelt conversation can lead to a profound change in someone's life. It serves as a reminder of the power of faith and the impact of sharing the message of God's love and salvation with others.


2/13/20211 min read