20150430 SEAN

In this inspiring video, Mike Barko engages with Sean, a first-year student at James Madison University, in a heartfelt conversation about faith and Jesus. Sean openly shares the impact of his interaction with Mike in the past 15 minutes. He reveals that during this time, he has felt God and Jesus come into his heart. He expresses a newfound sense of fulfillment and excitement about his faith journey. Sean also mentions his eagerness to delve into the books provided, indicating his readiness to embark on a more enriched spiritual path. Mike expresses gratitude for Sean's words and asks for permission to use the video, which Sean kindly grants. Another individual, Dan, joins the conversation and commends Mike for being an exemplary model of a Christian minister. He appreciates Mike's message of love compared to other negative influences on campus. Dan mentions that he is part of the organization "Cru" and has invited Sean to attend their gatherings. The video concludes with a sense of unity and positivity, with everyone acknowledging the importance of spreading the message of love and faith on campus. This video is a testament to the power of genuine conversations and positive influence in the journey of faith. It highlights the impact one person can have in guiding another toward a more enriched spiritual path.


4/30/20151 min read