20150408 BRIEMAE

In this heartwarming video, we meet two individuals, Brie and Mae, who share their uplifting experiences after a conversation with Mike Barko in downtown Harrisonburg, VA. Mae, while sitting with birds on her shoulders, expresses that her conversation with Mike has had a profound impact on her. She describes feeling as though a weight has been lifted off her, and she now feels lighter. She confidently states her belief in the Lord. Brie shares that she had been discussing the need to find Jesus and God with her boyfriend. Today, her prayers seem to have been answered through Mike's help. She acknowledges that Mike's words have had a significant impact on her life at that moment. Brie expresses her gratitude both to Mike and to the Lord. Both Mae and Brie declare their 100% certainty of going to heaven, thanks to the assurance of eternal life in Christ. They convey their love for God and emphasize that God is love. The video captures the transformative power of faith and the positive influence that sincere conversations about spirituality can have on individuals. It is a testament to the role of faith in bringing a sense of lightness and fulfillment to one's life.


4/8/20151 min read