In this video by Mike Barko, he engages in a conversation with someone named Josiah, discussing the topic of salvation and the path to heaven. Mike begins by asking Josiah about his level of certainty regarding going to heaven, and Josiah responds at 75%. Mike proceeds to ask Josiah a series of questions about morality and sin, such as lying, stealing, and lust. He attempts to illustrate that all individuals have sinned and fallen short of God's standards. Through this dialogue, Mike aims to emphasize the importance of recognizing one's own sinfulness. Mike also delves into the concept of accepting God and forgiveness, stressing that relying on one's own goodness is not enough for salvation. He uses the analogy of a court case to explain that God's justice demands a penalty for sin, but Jesus paid that penalty on the cross. The conversation leads to the understanding that salvation is not earned through one's actions but is a result of putting trust in Jesus' sacrifice. The video concludes with Mike offering a prayer for Josiah and expressing hope that she returns to hear the rest of the message.


5/4/20221 min read